Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mountain Home

Well, we took another go at camping. This time was a success! Flora was amazing. She loved it. We celebrated Abel's 5th birthday at our favorite camping area, Frazier Mills in Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest. It was a breath of fresh air with some dear friends. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013


What a beautiful yet exhausting trip! This little gal of ours is amazing; a rogue at 4 months. She's wild and completely unpredictable. This gal has a temper that can not be consoled or tamed at times. Earlier on it was colic. Now it's just her nature, which I kinda love at times.
If I didn't have it in me to sleep out in nature at every moment possible, I would say I wouldn't take her camping again during her infancy. It was kinda a mess, to say the least. Abe was a sweetheart. He always seems to calm her with his smiles or songs. I love these kids. I love their dynamic and I absolutely love what both Flora and Abe have brought to our existence. I found myself almost at tears at times at how difficult taking trips like this was, but there was always a silver lining that made it all work. For the first time I found myself unable to play with Abe on the beach like I use to; or climb those sand dunes because I had a crying babe in my arms. I wasn't able to run wild with him; exploring and looking for new things all around. I sat back with Flora and watched Noah run wild with him. It was beautiful to see, but I so badly wanted to be right there with him, experiencing it all with him. However, In those times of feeding Flora or trying to calm her wild disposition I found those moments of joy. But good lord there were some tough moments. Clearly I only photographed the really happy parts! We had lots of tears, a lack of packed food, a raccoon that ate most of what little food we had the first night, a squished baby chipmunk under our tent, and lots of ticks. But to wake up to wild horses!!!? That makes anything melt away. And also these kid's smiles.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Ojai camping

{my 32nd birthday AND Flora and Arlo's first camping trip!}